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Gundega Kampe-Persson Born in Riga, Latvia 13 September, 1972. To    introduce    myself    I    can    tell    that    I became   interested   in   painting   and   drawing when   7   years   old.   Since   then   I   have   been attending   different   courses   organized   by art    schools,    hobby    groups    and    private lessons   in   drawing.   So,   even   if   I   later   did not      choose      to      become      a      full-time professional    artist,    there    was    a    good foundation     built     in     me.     As     I     was interested   in   animals,   I   became   biologist, specialized    in    mammals,    in    particular    hedgehogs.   So,   this   combination   –   art   and biology   –   has   resulted   in   realistic   animal drawings    which    now    I    am    offering    for evaluation and purchase.
You   are   welcome   to   make   an   order   for   a   drawing   (examples you   can   view   in   “picture   gallery”).   If   you   wish,   I   will   make   a drawing   of   your   pet   (dog,   cat,   horse,   etc.).   I   can,   as   well,   make illustrations     for     a     book     (examples     you     can     view     in “illustrations”). Contact me by e-mail:   “Pulmani”, Gludas pagasts Jelgavas novads, LV-3040 LATVIA