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Hakon Kampe-Persson “Pulmani” Gludas pagasts Jelgavas novads LV-3040 LATVIA 
A   deep   and   lasting   interest   for   the   nature   was awakened   already   at   an   early   age   while   growing   up   on a   smallholding   in   southernmost   Sweden.   Studies   of ecology   and   nature   conservation   at   Lund   University were    finished    by    a    dissertation    about    farmland- feeding   geese   in   1989.   My   research   turned   me   into   a modern    Nils    Holgersson,    travelling    with    the    geese forth   and   back   between   their   breeding   grounds   in southernmost   Sweden   and   their   wintering   grounds   in south-western   Spain   during   19   years.   By   and   by   I started   to   guide   visiting   bird-watchers   to   different hot-spots.   Then,   there   was   only   a   short   step   to   start organising    and    guiding    bird-watching    tours.    Since 1998   I   have   led   more   than   125   tours   to   different destinations   in   Europe;   Doñana   &   Extremadura,   other parts      of      Andalucia,      Falsterbo/Scania,      eastern Hungary,   eastern   Poland,   Kolka/Kurzeme   and   so   on. The   length   of   most   tours   varied   between   9-12   days. The   aim   has   been   to   offer   affordable   tours,   with   the birds     in     focus     –     not     too     much     driving,     and accommodation    next    to    the    birds.    Besides    bird- watching     tours,     I     have     also     organised     several introduction     tours     to     Latvia,     combining     nature, culture,   history   and   cultural   history.   Hopefully,   my kind   of   non-commercial   tours   will   be   in   demand   also   in the coming years.
Welcome   to   contact   me,   whether   you   are   a group   wanting   me   to   organise   a   tour   for   you   or   a person   wanting   to   go   to   a   certain   destination.   For groups   I   can   design   an   offer   fitting   their   special wishes,   while   for   people   expressing   interest   in   a certain   destination   I   can   prepare   a   general   offer, hoping   that   there   are   enough   people   wanting   to participate.    A    short    presentation    is    given    for each   of   the   main   destinations,   followed   by   the latest tour offer – in some cases a coming tour.