elk footprint
beaver footprints
red dear
lynx footprints
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wolf footprint
lynx footprints
wolf footpints
wolf footprint
wild boar footprints
otter and beaver
brown bear footprints
Myotis mystacinus
Myotis dasycneme
Vespertilio murinus
Plecotus auritus
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Myotis nattereri
Pipistrellus pygmaeus
Barbastella barbastellus
Eptesicus serotinus
Pipistrellus nathusi
Myotis myotis
Nyctalus leisleri
Nyctalus noctula
Myotis daubentoni
Eptesicus nilssoni
Sorex araneus
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Erinaceus concolor
Mustela lutreola
Ursus arctos
Glis glis
Talpa europaea
Sorex minutus
Neomys fodiens
Lynx lynx
Sus scrofa
Ondatra zibethicus
Capreolus capreolus
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Lutra lutra
Lutra lutra
Sciurus vulgaris
Canis lupus
Nyctereutes procyonoides
Alces alces
Lepus timidus
2017 publishing house “Zvaigzne” published book about Latvian mammals “Latvijas zīdītāji”.
In this book both the descriptions of the species as well as illustrations of the mammals was my contribution. The book participated in famous book art competition “Golden Apple Tree” (“Zelta ābele”), annually organized by Latvian Association of Publishing Houses, where it was awarded a diploma for illustrations.
Lower down you can see some of the illustrations from this book.
2003 publishing house “Zelta grauds” published The Forest Encyclopedia where I was responsible for drawings of the footprints of hunted mammals. Some of the examples of the drawings you can see lower down.